Finding a Laser Hair Removal Provider in Odessa, TX: Safety is Key!

Laser hair removal is everywhere these days! It has become the gold standard for permanent hair removal – but how exactly can you determine who is qualified to perform this service? Not everyone is, warns Dr. Eduardo Salcedo, Medical Director of MCH Laser and Wellness Center in Odessa, Texas.

A quick internet search on “laser hair removal disaster” will show you just what can happen when a laser hair removal provider is not selected properly. These disasters can come in the form of burns, scars and body areas still full of patches of hair.

Different skin tones and types necessitate different lasers, which often account for these stories of laser hair removal gone wrong. Here at MCH, we are equipped to treat all skin tones for laser hair removal.

“In inexperienced hands, a laser can do real damage,” says Dr. Salcedo. “Research laser hair removal providers before scheduling a consultation. Look for a practice like MCH Laser and Wellness Center that has a medical director on staff that oversees all training.”

If there is one lesson to be learned it’s that you must consider your laser hair removal provider’s safety and training record.

Here at MCH Laser and Wellness Center, laser hair removal can provide beautiful results – but it is crucial that a professional, like those at our office, perform it.

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