Get Smooth Summer Skin at MCH Laser and Wellness Center

While the skin on the face is visible all year round, spring and summer can present a unique challenge. Suddenly the arms, legs and stomach are exposed, due to warm weather fashions and popular swimsuit styles. Curious what to do when you don’t like what you see?

To help you look and feel your best in warmer months, we’ve compiled a list of the most common “summer skin conditions” we’ve heard from our clients – and how to get rid of them with a little help from MCH Laser and Wellness Center!

Sun damage, freckles and brown spots on the chest. A series of photo facials for the décolleté can easily erase these signs of hyperpigmentation – and with diligent sun safety of applying a sun block each day – results are long lasting.

Spider veins on the legs. Here at MCH Laser and Wellness, we can effectively get rid of spider veins these using targeted laser vein removal, to have you back in your favorite cut offs quickly.

The dreaded razor burn. Whether it’s on the legs, underarms or bikini line, these unsightly red bumps make every woman – and man – want to cover up. Luckily, laser hair removal doesn’t just mean never having to endure the pain of shaving cuts or waxing again – it also means no more razor burn, which is music to the ears of any beach goer.

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