Got Acne? Laser Acne Treatment in Odessa, TX

Acne is a skin condition that can affect anyone at any age. Typically we see acne erupt in teens because hormones are shifting, causing the sebaceous glands to enlarge, thus producing more oil. The same is true for women who experience hormonal changes monthly and during menopause. In addition, stress, lifestyle, diet and poor skin care can play a role in acne. Acne can seem problematic to treat, especially if prescribed creams, lotions and pills are not doing the trick. Sometimes, people cannot tolerate the side effects of prescribed medications, leaving them to suffer with teen or adult acne.

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Have you heard about laser acne treatments? We have two laser options that have remarkable results, the IPL-Photodynamic Therapy and BBL- broad based light or “blue light”. Both of these laser treatments are effective management tools for acne and both are non-invasive and well tolerated procedures with little to no downtime.  IPL is used with a medication to shrink the sebaceous glands and BBL targets the P.Acnes that cause the redness and inflammation associated with acne. Depending on the grade of acne that needs treating, our medical team can determine which treatments are best suited for your skin.  These treatments can also be used with active acne on the back and chest.

These laser treatments will not address acne scarring, those are best treated with fractional laser resurfacing.  Do not let acne rule your life, skincare is our expertise at MCH Laser and Wellness Center, and it is our personal goal to have you looking and feeling your best. Put your best face forward for this New Year with Laser Acne treatmentsat MCH Laser.

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