Learn How to Delay Cosmetic Surgery

Recent news has reported that 65% of facelifts performed in 2012 were on women over the age of 55. The great news here is that it is a testament to how minimal and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments have delayed invasive plastic surgery procedures.

Here at MCH Laser and Wellness Center our ultimate goal is to create natural, healthy and youthful skin, using minimally invasive restorative techniques to create a “liquid lift” of the face. With the use of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm® or Restylane® combined with BOTOX® your skin can look and feel a minimum of five years younger.

The fillers replace areas of lost volume around the face, while the injectables smooth out finer wrinkles in the forehead and eye areas.  The results are similar to full invasive cosmetic surgery, but without the risks of surgery, downtime and cost.  Patients can see an immediate change in their face, and within a few days they are looking and feeling their personal best.  The “liquid lift” delays the need for traditional cosmetic surgery and can often replace it all together.

Each client is different and we never use one-size fits all approach.  At MCH Laser and Wellness Center we strive to make each client look the way they feel. If you want the same effects of a facelift but not the risk, a “liquid lift” may be for you.

To learn about how the treatments are MCH Laser and Wellness Center can benefit you, please schedule your free consultation by calling (432) 640-6470 or emailing info@mchlaserandwellness.com.