New Study Concludes Lifestyle Can Add Up to 10 Years to Your Skin

In a new study published in England’s The Telegraph, unhealthy lifestyles can age a person’s skin by as much as 10 years.  The international study, which involved 585 women over 8 years, concluded that “lifestyle choices” account for as much as 33% of how old a woman looks.mature-woman-with-young-skin

The participants in the study, all the same age, were asked a series of questions about their lifestyle. Habits such as sun bathing, smoking, wearing sunscreen, alcohol intake and more were evaluated.

Though the women were born the same year, the difference in their perceived ages was 10.4 years! The findings shocked researchers, who had not anticipated lifestyle could trump genetics when it came to facial aging. The moral of the story is that those with a healthy lifestyle age better, generally looking much younger than those with unhealthy habits.

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