There’s a Peel for That! The Benefits of Chemical Peels in Odessa, TX

Vogue Magazine recently published an article about the skin care benefits of the latest generation of chemical peels, like those available at MCH Laser and Wellness Center in Odessa, TX.

In Vogue’s May 2013 issue, the cosmetic physician being interviewed assured readers that chemical peels are one of the best things you can do for your skin. The doctor also dispelled widely believed rumors about this popular, non-invasive treatment.

The most recent crop of chemical peels, like those available at MCH Laser and Wellness Center, can be customized for every skin type and tone.

“The latest cocktails have yielded gentle peels for virtually every skin type and issue,” the article highlights, “Have sun damage or discoloration? There’s a peel for that. Bothered by fine lines? Or just dull skin? Get a peel. Is acne a problem? A peel will help.”

Furthermore, when it comes to chemical peels, the thinking that “no pain, no gain” is outdated.

Exfoliating acids in lower strengths now allow skin to shed its top layer – as well as pore clogging impurities – without damaging the skin itself. These chemical peels do, however, achieve a more even skin tone, and diminish acne, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and discoloration.

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